La Resistance is a ride to honour the men and women who fought and perished on the Plateau des Glieres. We have teamed up with UK and French charities to enable you to turn your adventure into a fundraising event too.


Walking With The Wounded supports a pathway for ‘at risk’ veterans to re-integrate back into society and sustain their independence. At the heart of this journey is employment. Many of those we support are the men and women on the front line that have given so much on our behalf and in many cases have the least to fall back on post military service.

We have created a number of access points to identify veterans and their range of needs, including those that are homeless or at risk of homelessness, those in police custody, those with alcohol dependency, those with mental health issues as well as those requiring employment support. In many instances these needs overlap, demonstrating that to deliver positive outcomes which are sustainable, it’s crucial to provide a holistic approach rather than focussing on just one element of their support pathway.   These are key issues we have, and continue, to address and are at the core of what makes us different, effective and needed. Rather than waiting to be contacted or hoping a veteran comes across us – both of which invariably occur at a point where the support required is far more complex – our ability to pro-actively reach out to ‘at risk’ veterans earlier results in support being delivered more cost effectively with less impact on the government purse and with a far greater chance of a sustainable positive outcome being delivered.

We have achieved much in the last five years, however with success comes ambition and responsibility, ambition to support more ‘at risk’ veterans in society by expanding our reach and a responsibility to deliver the most successful outcome achievable for each and every veteran we support. We can only do this with your support, on behalf of our beneficiaries we thank you for your efforts.


Association des Glieres, dedicated to preserving the memory of the Glieres Resistance